DIY Flash Drive Organizer

Due to work, I have to keep quite a few flash drives - each for a different type of job or client - in my bag. Although there are small compartments in my bag, I still find myself having to ransack through other stuff in the same pocket to get to the right flash drive. I've looked everywhere for a flash drive organizer but I just can't find one that I like; and most importantly, I do try not to make unnecessary new purchases.

So I went to get some inspiration and help from my sewing box, and made this:

I found some fabric scrap big enough for my flash drive organizer pattern, an old zip I saved from some old clothes, and an old and partly used Ikea fleece blanket (which I've used some for the snake stuffed toy). Here are the few simple steps of the making of the flash drive organizer that's now happily residing in my bag:

1. Little pockets sewn onto the inner layer, then wrapped around with the fabric.

2. Secure the sides with a basting stitch, then a running stitch a…

Velvety drawstring knapsack made from old dress

No matter how careful I am, I sometimes buy things that I end up not using much - like this brown velvety halter dress. I bought it for some special occasion but it has not been worn much since. As you grow older, the chance of getting invited to parties and going to gigs reduces tremendously; this dress became too dressy for just going out in the day.

After a few drafts on the drawing board, I've decided that I will make a simple knapsack out of it. The halter neck tie around strap is cut off to make into a thin scarf, and the length from above the waist and down is cut into this:

The bottom hem is sewn together to make the base

The top bit is hemmed up to leave openings for the drawstring

Each corner of the bottom is sewn into triangular flap to make a depth on the base

Leftover fabric (from the top bit of the dress) made into pockets on the inside of the bag.
The rest of the leftover fabric is used to make a pocket on the outside,
complete with zipper (a used one from some old clo…

Handmade beaded choker necklaces

I love chokers but I can never find anything I like that would fit nicely on my skinny bony neck. That's when I started buying colourful beads in small packages and having a go at making my own beaded jewellery. Here are 2 of my early attempts that cost me less than £2 in total, but I have worn each of them to many parties and concerts, and am still not sick of them yet.

I wear them with dresses to more formal functions but I can also match them with jeans or casual wear on a day out. I've also made some bracelets and belts out of my beads projects.

Handmade beaded pearly bracelet

I have a dress with some lovely beads sewn on the front, but they started to come off after several wash (although I only do hand washing because we don't have a washing machine). I've tried sewing them back on but some beads have gone missing so I had to take them all off and kept them with my stash of beads collection for future use.

After a few drafts and drawings on the back of some old receipts (yep I use them as note pads), and a couple of trials and errors, I made myself a new pearly bracelet out of those fallen beads from my dress. This one is a slip-on with no hooks or buckles so it's really convenient, and just in time for Christmas!

Turn an old ripped skirt into handbag

In life you often come across things that you love so much you hang on to it whatsoever. I had a short checkered skirt that was altered from a long skirt because it was stained by some green paint, which I had worn from mid 90's till 2009, when I noticed a hole on the back of it. I had no idea how it got there but it is definitely not mendable. I was devastated as it was one of my favourites, and I certainly can't make it any shorter!

Last worn on 3 April 2009, Lee on Solent
Stubborn as I am, I refused to throw it away just yet. So I decided to make a bag out of it. The actual process of making it was not that long, but it was the waiting for the right material to come along. My sister passed me some old straps she took from her old ripped travel bags so I used some to make the straps, as well as the horizontal line pattern by the straps.

The bottom piping was made by wrapping fabric from an old t-shirt (that was waiting to become a cleaning cloth) around an old cord off a …

Recycled gift wrapping

Although I make a point to tell all my friends not to give me any presents to avoid unwanted gifts and excessive gift wrapping, I still get nicely wrapped gifts from time to time. When I do I will unwrap them very carefully and keep almost everything - from the gift wrapper, greeting cards to the ribbons and trimmings - and reuse them whenever I can.

This month I happen to have some gifts to give away, so I've recycled these wrappers and cards.

The purple patterned wrapper in the foreground is from a Christmas present I received in 2008.The white tissue wrapper in the background came from a clothing packaging.The dark pink tissue wrapper underneath is from another gift I received some years ago (which will be used for wrapping the other present) .The gift cards are cut out from old birthday cards.The ribbons are taken from an old top I dismantled. Nothing is new here except for what's wrapped inside, which is the most important thing. But I think they still look quite sweet any…

Handmade Turquoise Beaded Napkin Rings

In the past, we had some disposable napkin rings made out of old Christmas cards. Then I made some permanent ones using remaining beads from my handbag project. These were made in 2009, and I'm still using them for special occasions.

I've tried a very simple and basic weaving pattern, and it took me less than 3 hours to complete this set of 4. And I managed to use up all but 2 of the turquoise beads from the handbag project. The white beads are leftover from the beaded bracelet.

For weaving instruction please see handmade beaded handbag.