Cut Out Calligraphy New Year Decoration

Compared to Christmas, we're not that big on Chinese New Year decoration. However, this year we've moved back to the old folks', and we shall just join in the tradition.

As usual, I'm not keen on the shop-bought decorations as they are often too horrible looking - too much gold or glitter - just make me cringe. Apart from the 2 sets of lanterns I made out last year but didn't get a chance to put them up, I decided to do my own calligraphy decoration for the front door.

I say calligraphy, but I'm really using a craft knife and a few sheets of coloured foam I had from past projects. Main reason being, I no longer own any traditional Chinese calligraphy tools such as brush and ink - but being an ex-advertising creative, I will always have my craft knife with me 😁

It wasn't a very difficult task, although I would wish for the weather to be cooler to make it easier. 

Just draft each character on rough paper, cut them out to make stencils, then trace onto each red foam sheet and cut the characters out carefully with a very sharp blade.

Then stick the red foam sheet onto the black ones with some sticky foam tape, decorate with some old shiny buttons removed from some old dress and red ribbons from the craft box. The only thing I bought is the Chinese knot tassel - I haven't learned how to make them yet.

It's now on the front door. 迎(ying) ζ–°(xin) : welcoming the new year!

I noticed that the left part of the second character is a little off balance, oops... my fingers must have slipped πŸ˜†


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