DIY Face Masks from Old Ties and Old Clothing

During these movement-controlled days, besides worrying about the shortage of surgical masks, the accumulating disposal of the one-time use masks is also a concern - not to mention the money we would have to keep spending on buying them.

As I have more than usual free time on my hands, there is really no excuse why I shouldn't look into learning to make some washable reusable face masks for ourselves.

After studying the structures of the existing surgical masks and what other people have shared online, I have made a few for the people around me. What I have done is to add a pocket to some, in order to slot in a filter pad if needs be. Another add-on feature is the adjustable clip-on straps so that there is no need for elastics bands over the ears. The main reason for this is that the elastic bands would dig in to the back of the ears and could be painful over time. Secondly, I am making all these with existing materials I can find in the house, and I just do not have them at hand. And finally, the elastic band will eventually lose its elasticity and I do want these face masks to last.

Therefore, the adjustable straps with clips are my best bet until I can come up with a better solution. Also, I do happen to have quite a few sets of strap clips that I have saved from some old bags and old belts. As I have always said, they will come in handy one day, and this is the day! 😄

Washable face mask made from an old tie. With filter pad insert pocket.

Top: Washable face mask made from an old tie. With filter pad insert pocket.
Bottom: Washable face mask made from the bottom part of a cut-short jersey dress. With filter pad insert pocket.

Washable face mask made from the long sleeves of a shirt. With filter pad insert pocket.
(The shirt is now sleeveless, even better for this hot and humid tropical weather)

Washable face mask made from the bottom part of a shortened denim dress, with Transformers logo embroidered on. No pocket, but with extra internal layer of muslin cloth (from an unused steam cloth).

Due to the restrictions and limitations by the hot weather and the environment, that's all I have made so far. I shall post the patterns and steps once I have the energy to drawn them all out 😀


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