Tote Bag Upcycled from Depeche Mode Vest

Been really lazy since Chinese New Year. And thanks to the extreme heat, it's painful to sit down for hours trying to make something.

But there has been some occasional rain recently so I've managed to steal a few cooler hours here and there to get something done.

I was given a Depeche Mode vest (bootleg one by the way, but still loved it!) a few years ago, but it never fit me properly- or should I say - it's my weird-shaped body that couldn't carry it off 😅

I would usually give away my old clothes to charity collection but definitely not this one - no way! Couldn't bear to see it gathering dust so I decided to turn it into a bag. And yes I haven't had too many bags yet 🙊

All I did was sewing the bottom together to make a base with gussets, trimmed off the shoulders and hemmed them; then finished with straps made from an old knackered neck tie. Took me one rainy evening 🌧 plus two punctured fingertips.

I'm now ready to go shopping with my new pride - the absolutely one of a kind Depeche Mode tote bag!


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