Handmade Advent Calendar - Absolutely Reusable and Washable

Forgive me God, for I have been lazy...

I started making my very first DIY Advent calendar in April, thinking that I have all the time in the world to finish it. But I was wrong.

As I'm using 100% reused and recycled material from everything readily existing in the house, it means that all forms and shapes are made from scratch. And my plan is to make 24 individual little bags with hand stitched numbers on!

The moment I started, I encountered a problem: my embroidery skills are nothing to shout about so stitching the numbers on with threads is out of the question. Thankfully, a solution came soon enough, which is to shape the numbers with colourful ribbons or strings then stitch them onto each bag. Phew... the plan went on...

During the first few weeks of its production, I was gung-ho and adamant about it, watching Hallmark Christmas movies while stitching away; then I got tired because it took way longer and more complicated than I expected it to be 😭 !

Then I got busy, then I got sidetracked...

Before I knew it, it was two days to Advent! The good news is: I've got number 1 ready 😅


Here are the first 2 bags.

Day 3

And the rest...

Day 9

Day 11

And Merry Christmas!!

This highly flexible advent calendar can be hung all at once or one a day. Easily hung on the wall, or the fridge door with a magnet, or even to decorate the Christmas tree. Hardly taking up any space!

And there are more to come...

Little somethings about the handmade Advent Calendar:

  • All little bags are made from old fabric scraps given by my aunties.
  • All numbers are made from old ribbons, old lace trimming, excess embroidery threads, and strings etc cut/saved from old clothing.
  • All the beads used for glittering the numbers are old beads that have been sitting in my craft drawer for ages or been saved from an old dress or even old shoes.
  • All the handles on the bags have used old ribbons bought in the past and those saved from gift wrapping.
  • All threads used for stitching are ready stock in my craft box.

Have a good Advent and a great Christmas ahead!


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