DIY Batman Face Masks from old Pillow Case

The virus is showing no sign of retiring, which means, we need more reusable face masks to go around. They are especially useful for when we just need to go out to sort something out in the garden or just to receive something from the delivery guy. Can you imagine wearing a disposable face mask just for that few minutes or so then dispose of it? By the time this pandemic is over (if that's ever going to happen), we will have another pandemic of trash mountains made out of disposable face masks!

This has been put aside for quite a while now as I have been rather busy for the past few months and had not much of a DIY motivation, plus, I couldn't find any suitable material such as a good, used fabric.

However, while going through the chest drawers, a used pillow case caught my eye. It's tough enough, it's cotton, and it's grey - just great for the design I had in mind - an embroidered Batman logo 😁

The good news is, the old embroidery frame that has been in the family for decades (probably older than me!) has resurfaced during a recent spring cleaning. This means that the embroidery work will be a lot smoother, unlike the Transformer logo I did last time which ended up making the fabric surface uneven:

Made from a cut of fabric of 9"x7", this extra large face mask measures at 9"x3" when folded, and will fit those with larger head circumference, especially men.

All materials used making this are reused except for the threads and the clips for the straps, which cost less than 10p each.

Here's the simplified pattern outline:

I have used 2 layers of the fabric lined together for the embroidery work, then sew it with another layer of the fabric. 


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