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Express Ribbon Christmas Tree On The Wall

When I made the Mini Cardboard Tabletop Christmas Tree, I thought I was going to settle for just that. After all, we are packing up for the move; it's going to be a sad little Christmas. And as I was taking down all the 3M hooks here and there to leave the landlord a clean wall, these little 3M wonders gave me an idea.

Well you see, I've bought stashed away quite a bit of the replacement 3M stickers for more than a year now; and they don't work well after hibernating in a shoebox, in a damp house in a humid country for that long. Now they will have the opportunity to shine (literally) before they announce retirement.

So all together, 8 used and reused 3M wire hooks, 8 not-working-so-well 3M removable stickers, 1 good old reliable Christmas wired ribbon, angel lights from 2010 Christmas, an empty wall with a strategically existed wall lamp and power point, and under 10 minutes of my life; made us our simplest Christmas tree to date.

It would also fit really well in one…

Mini Cardboard Tabletop Christmas Tree

This Christmas is going to be a quiet one for us as we are in the midst of moving, so a big(ish) tree like previous years is just impractical. But not having a tree at all would make it even sadder. And the solution is: a tiny, mini, tabletop cardboard Christmas tree!

 The making is pretty simple:
1. Material: some patterned or printed cardboard (old Christmas cards, Christmas merchandise packaging, etc), I cut these from last year's Christmas crackers packaging box.

2. Cut them into equal sizes: 2 per tree.

3. Take 2 and stick them together, back to back using double sided tape.

4. Make sure they are adhered nicely together, trim away any jutting out edges.

5. Cut each piece into 2 equal pieces.

6&7. Using a pencil, trace the outline of a simple pine tree onto each piece with a cut out shape prepared ahead (it can also be just a simple triangle).

8. Place 2 half-tree shapes together and secure with cellotape along the middle joining. Repeat with another 2. Fold each joine…

Gift Wrapping Signage

A friend of mine is volunteering at The Heavenly Gift for Community at Heart, a non-profit organisation, to help raise funds for underprivileged children in Malaysia to grant their little Christmas wishes. The event is held at Tropicana City Mall which is in my area, so I went personally for a little donation and to see if there's anything I can help (keep them accompanied and look helpful as I'm really not a very good salesperson lol). They have a free gift wrapping service counter next to the donation table so I thought I could at least help doing some gift wrapping.

Then we realised that people aren't really aware of the free service because there isn't any signage apart from one bunting standee. So I offered to make them some signboards.

This one here is for the booth top. Apart from the words being printed from my own home-use black-and-white laser printer, everything is taken from existing material in my craft box: the old textured paper it is printed on,…

Eco Egg Crates Christams Tree

Forget about what my Christmas tree is going to be this year, here is something I have to share with everyone passionate in reducing material consumption. I was at Jaya One today and was as usual annoyed by their never ending building work going on, making my walk to the supermarket really unpleasant. However, their humble yet refreshing Christmas tree next to the Info Counter has made my day.

It is small - under 6', and made out of used egg crates held up by rustic wood! Hanging on the tree are little angels with wings made from fan-fold recycled paper (old magazine pages, used wrapping paper, etc) and halos made from twist tie wires (probably from bread packaging), and smiley faces drawn on cut out cardboard!

It is not grand like most of the big shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya, but it doesn't look pathetic like many either. And I think that the artists have put great effort in the thinking process and execution to keep consumption to the minimum and still …