Handmade Tea Cozy From Fabric Scrap

Was tidying up my work/craft table today and found something I made a few months ago - a tea cozy! I remember spending quite a few days stitching away and bled numerous time, thankfully not staining the fabric. I must've gotten busy or distracted by something else (which happens a lot) and totally forgot about it.

I'd always love looking at tea cozies as they could come in so many interesting patterns and designs. Surely we can just buy one from the shops, but since I've got quite a bit of fabric scraps lying around it's always better to make full use of them. If you haven't already noticed, this is the same fabric I used for making the access tag holder. I've finally finished off what's left.

This was a relatively more complicated sewing project, as I haven't any tea cozy lying around to make reference off. All I did was guessing the structure from pictures I've seen, and put my logical sense to use.

Here's what the inside looks like:

It's basically sewing 8 pieces of equal shape fabrics into 4 double layer panels, then sewing them together to form a dome, leaving two gaps on opposing sides. Obviously, the top hook has to be sewn on to the middle first.


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