I Saved Myself £44 And The Future Of A Hush Puppies Luggage Bag

When I arrived at the airport last June, I realised that the rubber grip on both my luggage handles had broken into pieces - disintegrated - literally! I ended up tying my scarf (I happened to be wearing one for the travel) around one just so that I could carry it without hurting my hand. I (and the luggage bag) survived the 3 weeks.

This is mainly due to it being left in the spare room for the previous 2 years (that was how long I went without a holiday), and exposed to the very hot morning sun for hours on a daily basis.

The cheapskate that I am, throwing the bag away is definitely not an option, let alone a Hush Puppies! It was the first time ever in my life that I bought such a high end luggage - for my kind of standard - and obviously, when it was on a really great deal. Being a 5-year-old luggage, it still is working really well except for the broken rubber grips.

So the next option is to get them repaired, or at least just the handles replaced. I found a bag repair centre in town but to replace both handles will cost me MYR240 (about £44), I could have bought a new one! Seems ridiculous to do so especially when the handle mechanism is still working fine.

Then I thought: if I could manage well with the scarf temporarily wrapped around it, I could probably put my own grip on it to fix the problem.

So I did. Using some fabric scraps (which I have loads) to wrap around each handle and sew tightly to set the base, then finish with another layer of fabric (which by the way are two long sleeves I took off a cardigan 😁) to make it look nice.

Cost me nothing at all, I saved myself £44 and the future of a Hush Puppies luggage bag 😏

And I'm ready to travel again!


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