Handmade Hanging Christmas Tree with Table Lamp Inside

We made a Christmas tree with some tinsels and a broken tripod in both 2015 and 2016, with a little change in the trimmings. But the tripod has finally given way to even more wear and tear over time and humidity - all the plastic parts are falling off. It's time to have a renewed theme for our Christmas tree this year!

After a few nights thinking over it and several sketches later, I've decided to make use of an existing hook on the wall and make a tree hanging down from it, and wrapping a table lamp within.

I found a cardboard lid for an A4 paper box that's been tossed in the office (so that it can get one more use before going for its recycle round), and cut holes around it:

Putting it through the table lamp that will be the light source:

Then I tied 2 separate loops using some ribbons (out of my craft box collection) through the tree top star and hang it onto the hook:

What I did next is just to poke each strip of tinsel through 2 holes on the box lid, then pull up to go through the lower loop from the star and tie the ends together. The final length of the tinsels became shorter (being halved) and lifted the box lid above the tabletop, and now it looks like a tree with a stand/base.

To give it a final touch, just twirling a Christmassy theme wired ribbon around to cover up the box lid that's revealing slightly on the bottom.

This is how it looks when table lamp being lit up on the inside, at night.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄🎄🎅 , and I still haven't spent a single penny on any new decoration item!


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