Growing Mint at Home from Cuttings

Since the last mint plant died when I was away for 3 whole weeks, I had to buy a bunch of cut mint (cost about 50p) for some curry. It was quite a big bunch so I've done these:
  1. Pluck off all the bottom leaves, leaving the top 2 or 4 leaves, depending on the size (if small leaves, 4; if larger leaves, 2)
  2. These stalks are then trimmed from the bottom to about 4" length, and placed into a few glasses of water to root like what I did with the basil
  3. Half the plucked leaves are used for cooking, the rest are dried in a covered colander (for about a week), chopped up and stored for future use
The stalks rooted after about 8-10 days, at different paces, which I then planted in the soil.

Here's a week later (25 Aug 2017):

Obviously, there are some that didn't make it; but there are a certain few strong survivors 😊

The thing with mint is, they are such a hardy plant. Even if there's only 1 stalk growing, it will eventually crawl all over the soil and become a little mint forest. So I'm positive about that mint jelly coming my way pretty soon.

Here's what they've grown into, 19 days later (6 Sep 2017):

1 Oct 2017:


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